Located in an unlovely 1980s office block with a looming atrium, we were tasked to create a dramatic and welcoming entrance sequence for HarperCollins’ London headquarters.

Working on a restricted budget, we were briefed to remodel the main entrance to the building to make it more welcoming and inclusive, address concerns about the atrium, and generally, create a space that better reflects the nature of the business.

The atrium and large, faceless entrance lobby - both cold in winter and hot in summer - presented a typical 1980s corporate look to visitors and staff and our aim was to make the space more welcoming and socially cohesive, improve environmental conditions, and reflect the nature of the company with the introduction of some playful literary elements.

We created a personality and a new hierarchy for the area with the introduction of a number of key features and the lobby now functions as a community space that rotates around the focal point of the reception desk.