From the beginning, this project was about creating a home and work space of uncompromising quality; a sanctuary in the heart of London, tucked away behind an archway and an old brick wall, which was all that remained of the Victorian stables that had once occupied the site.

The outside of the house presents a modest - almost austere - face to the visitor, but one which draws you in through a sequence of ground floor spaces with glazed walls that wrap around two sides of a large courtyard garden.

The material theme throughout is a restrained choice of natural, durable materials which both ground the building and create a sense of quiet. A granite wall stands tall in the double height entrance hall, a glass-sided bridge leads from the main house to the guest wing, worked limestone walls sit unadorned. The house is filled with daylight by the judicious use of courtyards and light wells.

This was a project that we took to with gusto, and that, on completion, exemplified many of the philosophies we believe in - how a space is configured, how it slowly reveals itself, how particular materials and the way they're used bring weight and continuity, and how light can be utilised and played with to endless effect.

“You have created a unique and inspiring building, combining your great architectural strengths with a home that is unmistakably mine.”

Owner of Deepwater

Stamford Brook, London
D&AD Winner
Avondale Park Hall/Shoeacre