Stamford Brook

This house is part of a development of two live/work units, which includes the offices for the Powell Tuck practice. A bold and contemporary design, the house was built on a very tight budget, in a relatively tight space.

The orientation and format of the living space make optimum use of this potentially overlooked urban backland site and the usual layout has been reversed. Bedrooms are on the ground floor, with living areas upstairs making the most of light and views, where the space opens up dramatically to a 5 metre high ceiling. Light wells and elegant sliding glass panels on two sides send light though the space on even the gloomiest day.

The pragmatic use of honest, rough, inexpensive materials and finishes in the interior creates a utilitarian aesthetic that perfectly suits the building’s crisp linear architecture. Concrete, brick, plaster and breeze block create a sense of space and calm.

Chiswick, London
Telegraph Home Building & Renovating Awards Winner/
FX Design Awards Winner

Stamford Brook/Images